Hebei: road traffic control forbids “hard isolation” during epidemic period

Shijiazhuang, January 18 in order to ensure the road safety and smooth flow during the epidemic prevention and control period, and ensure the passage of emergency material transportation vehicles, livelihood guarantee vehicles and other vehicles meeting the requirements of epidemic prevention and control safety, Hebei Province recently issued a “ban” on road traffic control, which clearly requires that the blocking of national and provincial roads and expressways by “hard isolation” method, repeated station inspection and low-risk areas be prohibited The vehicles in the parking area are advised to return in two directions. < / P > < p > according to the notice of Hebei Provincial Public Security Department, provincial transportation department and Provincial Health Committee on the 17th, no unit or individual is allowed to block national and provincial roads and expressways by means of “hard isolation” such as digging ditches, piling soil and setting roadblocks, and those that have been blocked by means of “hard isolation” should be removed immediately. < / P > < p > it is forbidden to set up repeated inspection stations at the junction of national and provincial roads, cities and counties, so that only one inspection station can be set up in the same direction. Those who repeatedly set up stations for inspection shall be removed and integrated immediately. It is forbidden to persuade vehicles to return to low-risk areas in two ways. All inspection stations, especially those around the provincial and municipal boundaries, should ensure the smooth passage of vehicles from low-risk areas that meet the requirements of epidemic prevention safety. < / P > < p > it is forbidden to block the traffic at the exit of expressway. All localities shall not cause traffic jam to the main line of expressways due to quarantine inspection. It is forbidden to require emergency materials transportation and livelihood support vehicles to apply for local passes. All inspection stations should ensure the smooth passage of vehicles with the unified “pass for emergency materials transportation in and out of Hebei Province”. For vehicles without the pass but verified to be emergency materials transportation and livelihood guarantee vehicles, they should take the initiative to help. < / P > < p > it is forbidden to obstruct the passage of emergency materials transportation and people’s livelihood guarantee vehicles. Each inspection station should set up a special inspection channel, and open up a special traffic lane by setting guardrails, marking lines, setting warning signs, arranging personnel guidance, etc., so as to ensure the priority and fast passage of relevant vehicles. < / P > < p > it is forbidden to increase the vehicle epidemic prevention inspection measures. All inspection stations should strictly implement the relevant quarantine and inspection policies and regulations of the Epidemic Prevention Command Department of Hebei Province, so as to stop at one time, conduct synchronous inspection and pass smoothly. It is not allowed to take unreasonable control measures such as not filling the vehicle and restricting the drivers and passengers to leave the vehicle.