Healthy aging should be promoted by multiple paths

The press conference of “blue book on health of the elderly: research and implementation strategies of healthy aging in China” was held in Beijing a few days ago. The blue book points out that promoting healthy aging should be an interdisciplinary, multi sectoral and dynamic policy-making process. The realization of the strategic goal of healthy aging is multi-path, which is the responsibility of society, government, community, family and individual. At the same time, it also needs multi-disciplinary research. At the press conference, Han Qide, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the blue book is of great significance to healthy aging. To promote healthy aging, we need to rely on science and technology, conduct more in-depth research on the aging mechanism, establish a more perfect health assessment mechanism for the elderly, and provide more specific guidance for the healthy lifestyle of the elderly. At the same time, we should vigorously develop the elderly health industry and safeguard the rights and interests of the elderly. < p > < p > < p > < p > the blue book proposes that we should help the elderly establish the subjective health concept, change the concept of “sick is unhealthy”, and realize that it is unhealthy to lose people’s subjectivity and ability value; a meaningful life in a long life is to feel good and be able to engage in various activities on the basis of health. At the level of health care services, we should focus on long-term care, optimize the mechanism of combining medical care with health care; at the facility level, we should focus on the convenience nearby and organize a network of elderly health service facilities; at the human level, we should expand the professional team and establish a team of “community health instructors” with social background and medical knowledge to enrich the human resources reserve of health management; At the technical level, we should strengthen the support of science and technology, and give full play to the dynamic support role of technology in the construction of healthy aging and healthy China. According to Wang Hongman, editor in chief of the blue book and Professor Wang Hongman of Peking University, the compilation of the blue book was led by the research group of healthy China theory and demonstration of Peking University and the elderly health professional committee of China Association of health economics, and was jointly completed by more than 30 professionals.