“Health regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone” will be implemented next year, and “health” will become the legal content of performance appraisal

Recently, the 45th meeting of the Standing Committee of the sixth Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress passed the health regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. The regulations incorporate the construction of healthy Shenzhen into the government performance appraisal index system, and make the health impact assessment and health policy implementation as the assessment contents of various departments of the municipal government. The assessment of the incidence rate of legal infectious diseases, the standardized management rate of major chronic diseases, the grading treatment and the improvement of the health status of the main residents are the contents of the assessment of the district governments. The regulations shall come into force on January 1, next year. According to the regulations, the Shenzhen municipal government is responsible for the formulation of medium and long-term plans for the construction of healthy cities, and relevant departments should link up with the medium and long-term plans for the construction of healthy cities when formulating relevant special plans. Taking health as an important factor in the city’s land and space planning, we should ensure the land use of health public service facilities, and improve the layout and standard of health public service facilities. The municipal government should formulate specific measures for health impact assessment, and carry out health impact assessment when formulating land space planning, resource development and utilization, ecological environment protection, biomedical industry development, and formulating normative documents related to public health. < p > < p > < p > according to the regulations, the municipal and district governments should establish a healthy Shenzhen action Promotion Committee, which is responsible for coordinating and promoting the construction of healthy Shenzhen. The healthy Shenzhen action Promotion Committee is responsible for establishing a healthy city evaluation system. It entrusts professional institutions to monitor and evaluate the main indicators and key tasks of healthy city construction every year, and takes the evaluation report as an important basis for formulating health policies and planning, adjusting government health investment, and optimizing the distribution of health resources. The health and health departments should establish a health city statistical investigation system together with relevant departments. The survey data and reports should be used as an important basis for health impact assessment and healthy city evaluation. < p > < p > according to the regulations, Shenzhen will establish incentive mechanisms such as the residents’ health integral reward system to give points for residents’ participation in health promotion, physical fitness, health management and healthy community construction. Every August is designated as Shenzhen health activity month to carry out activities such as statistical survey data and reports of healthy cities and the release of white papers on Residents’ health. Health education is regarded as the basic work to promote the construction of healthy Shenzhen. The education and health departments should bring the parents’ health education into the family education system and the scientific child care guidance system. The education department includes the prevention of common diseases and infectious diseases, healthy lifestyle, injury prevention ability and other health literacy levels into the content of comprehensive quality evaluation of junior high school students. Community health service institutions provide health management services for the insured of social medical insurance in this city. The expenses that meet the scope and standard of medical insurance payment shall be paid by the municipal medical insurance department to the community health service institutions according to the annual quota standard for each person.