Hangzhou has AED local legislation

Recently, the measures for the administration of automatic external defibrillators in public places in Hangzhou were deliberated and adopted at the 66th executive meeting of Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government of Zhejiang Province. Hangzhou has become the first city in China to regulate the configuration and use of AED in public places in the form of local legislation. < / P > < p > AED is mainly used to rescue patients with cardiac arrest caused by ventricular fibrillation. The first use of AED defibrillation can significantly improve the survival rate of patients with sudden cardiac death. In 2014, Hangzhou began to configure AEDs. At present, there are more than 600 AEDs in the main urban area, and there are about 1000 AEDs in the whole city. However, the utilization rate of AEDs in public places is not very high. The reason is that there is no clear legal basis for the configuration site, use training, cost guarantee, main body of maintenance responsibility and legal guarantee of AED, which leads to the problems of “difficult to launch, difficult to promote and difficult to manage” and “unwilling to use, unable to use and dare not use” in practice. The promulgation of the measures has provided a clear legal basis for the solution of relevant problems. Article 7 of the measures stipulates that the administrative department of health and health shall organize the use of automatic external defibrillator and related first-aid skills training; Article 8 stipulates that six types of public places with dense population shall be equipped with AED; Article 10 stipulates that municipal, district and County People’s governments shall allocate, use and train the use of automatic external defibrillators in public places, law enforcement vehicles and ships According to Article 13, if the salvor causes damage to the aided person, he shall not bear any civil liability. According to the goal of training at least 10 people for each AED, Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission will expand the training instructors for public first-aid skills in combination with the Red Cross Society, emergency center and their subordinate training bases. It is estimated that within three years, the number of people receiving AED use and related first aid skills training will reach 30% of the permanent resident population. In the future, with the increase in the number of AEDs, Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission will combine new technologies such as Internet of things and mobile Internet to create an AED management intelligent platform. At the same time, to ensure the orderly use of the work and supervision of multiple departments in accordance with the requirements of the city.