Haiping: about 100000 children were diagnosed in two weeks, but the White House said “children are immune”?!

A photo taken on August 4 was wildly forwarded on American social network. In the photo, the school corridor is crowded, but few people wear masks. In this school, 9 cases were diagnosed one week after class resumed, and now we have to switch to online teaching again. < / P > < p > this is not a case. 80 students in a school in Tennessee were isolated for observation; 6 students in Mississippi were diagnosed; more than 100 students were isolated at home; Indiana, Washington The cluster infection events caused by the resumption of classes emerge in endlessly. In the past four weeks, the number of new crown diagnoses among children in the United States has increased by 90%. The Washington Post published an editorial saying: “stop listening to the wrong statement of reopening school!” < / P > < p > in recent days, US President trump has repeatedly argued in public and on social media that “children are immune to the new coronavirus” and tried to promote the resumption of schools in order to drive the operation of the US economy. However, a number of scientific studies, including the Journal of the American Medical Association, have proved that children have the same ability to transmit the new coronavirus as adults. < / P > < p > however, it seems that it is difficult to reach the White House whether it is research, data or people’s cry. On August 10, President trump once again declared that the diagnosis of children is “a small part” and that “they will soon get better”. < / P > < p > now in Washington, the fight against the epidemic depends entirely on the secret law: Presidential Speeches and administrative pressure. Science is now a hidden Science in the White House. “Who will save the children under the epidemic situation?” This is not only the voice of the US media, but also a question to be answered by White House politicians.