Guard the East pole of the motherland

Harbin, December 9: guarding the East pole of the motherland After reporting to the observation post, the commander quickly determined the target’s location, and the capture team was surrounded by multiple soldiers This is the scene of the border defense drill of officers and soldiers at the “East pole post” recently. On May 24, 2016, Xi Lai, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the people’s Republic of China, and President of the people’s Republic of China, went to the East pole post, stepped up the 30 meter high East pole post tower, inspected the duty facilities, inquired about the duty situation, and solemnly signed his name on the comprehensive register of observation situation. < / P > < p > in recent years, the officers and soldiers of the post, bearing in mind President Xi’s instructions, take root in border defense, defend the country and guard the border, and measure every inch of territory with their feet, are known as the “guards of the East pole”. < / P > < p > “we welcome the sunrise on behalf of our motherland!” Since October 14, 2008, the sentry officers and soldiers have been guarding the border on this land. < / P > < p > “at the beginning of landing on the island, there was no water, no electricity, no road, no barracks. In order to build barracks on the marsh covered and grass covered island as quickly as possible, officers and soldiers lifted their shoulders to carry ropes, and just unloaded hundreds of tons of building materials from the ship and then transported them to the camp.” Company commander Fang Liwei said. < / P > < p > “more than 360 tons of cement were transported in 10 hours, cross river optical cable was put up in 48 hours, and 65 kilometers of simple highway on the island was built in 7 days 30 days later, a simple camp will rise Ren Guangfu, the first sergeant general to take over the island, still remembers the “miracle” created by officers and soldiers. < / P > < p > with the return of Heixiazi Island, fourth Sergeant Wang Lubin raised the first five-star red flag on the island. In order to raise the first national flag, he simulated the island environment on the wetland and practiced raising the flag for more than four months. < / P > < p > “the officers and soldiers cherish every inch of land standing at their feet. Every time they greet the sunrise and raise the national flag, it is a vivid lesson of patriotism.” Political instructor Wang Yangyang said. < / P > < p > the 30 meter high sentry tower has 171 steps, representing 171 square kilometers of Heixiazi Island; the base area of the second floor of the national flag platform is 10.14 square meters, representing the historical moment of landing on the island on October 14; the 79 stars on the top of the study room shed symbolize that Heixiazi Island has been away from the motherland for 79 years < / P > < p > the tangible figures stimulated the officers and soldiers’ boundless enthusiasm for frontier defense, and formed many numbers in their hearts: the key observation target No.1 is 450 meters away from the sentry tower, it takes 2 minutes to rush from the company to the riverside, and it takes about 1860 steps from the camp gate to the boundary pillar no.259/4 Each figure is a witness of their ability to defend the country and border areas. < / P > < p > on the day of landing on the island, all the officers and soldiers of the company cheered: “defend the country and guard the border, live up to the mission!” Patrol first and then camp, leaving the first line of footprints of Chinese soldiers in front of the boundary monument. Since then, there has been an unwritten rule in the post: Patrol must be in front of the boundary pillar, and no step is less. < / P > < p > at the company’s post, every officer and soldier has his own number. In order to make his own number glitter, everyone strives to be the first to create excellence, and many “frontier defense experts”, “magic Gunners” and “top martial artists” emerge. In all kinds of assessments organized by the higher authorities, the company has always been among the best in the brigade. < / P > < p > corporal Luo Rui was at the bottom of the physical fitness, but with unyielding strength, he gradually became the “new star” of the post. Luo Rui won many laurels in this year’s Lvli martial arts competition, and was named “star of military sports” and “king of physical fitness”. Nowadays, at the East pole post, there is no shortage of fresh vegetables, fruits, chicken, duck, fish and meat in all seasons; spacious and bright buildings replace the simple board houses at the beginning of landing on the island; officers and soldiers patrol and stand guard with special cold protection equipment; patrol cars equipped with data transmission platform and amphibious all terrain vehicles are everywhere < / P > < p > in recent years, information equipment on the island has been constantly updated. The single soldier multimedia backpack terminal can send back the front-line picture in real time. Mobile transmission system, vehicle data transmission platform, and all kinds of data directly to the combat rooms at all levels. < / P > < p > “‘smart border defense ‘makes border defense area zero dead angle!” Fang Liwei said, “all-weather real-time monitoring means, the border even a little bit of wind and grass, can not escape the control of sentinels.” < / P > < p > since he became company commander, Fang Liwei has always regarded glory as the driving force of frontier defense. During the freezing period, he led the cadres to patrol first. In the face of the potential danger of “living water and clearing ditches” under the river, Fang Liwei was at the front of the team.