Guangdong’s aid to Tibet to improve the medical level in remote areas of Tibet

On October 18, Lhasa, when the medical experts of the ninth batch of Tibet aid task force of Guangdong Province left, the eyes of Bai Zhuoma of xirang village, Beibeng Township, Motuo County, Nyingchi City, Tibet, were moist. She held the expert’s hand tightly and said thanks again and again. < p > < p > Motuo County was once known as “plateau island”, and only in 2013 did the county have access to highways. Xirang village where Bai Zhuoma lives is located in the valley of Yarlung Zangbo River. It is inconvenient for people to go out for medical treatment. < p > < p > in July 2019, after the arrival of the ninth batch of Tibet aid work team of Guangdong Province, the improvement of people’s livelihood was established as the core of Tibet aid work, and it took one month to visit all villages and towns in Motuo County. < / P > < p > “the deeper we go to the grassroots level, the more we can feel the need of the people of moto for a higher level of medical services.” Ye Minjian, leader of Motuo County Working Group and executive deputy secretary of Motuo County Party committee of the ninth batch of Guangdong Province’s Tibet aid work team, said. When it is inconvenient for the masses to go out for medical treatment, experts in Tibet will send medical services to them. Ye Minjian said that the health system of Foshan City has sent 19 experts to help Tibet in Motuo County, and conducted a monthly tour of diagnosis and treatment and free clinic. “Every time, the village is as lively as a festival.” < / P > < p > the roads in the mountains are rugged and dangerous, and there are many dangerous situations such as falling stones and landslides. Experts often need to walk and climb mountains, and come to the door to check the people’s health and send comfort materials. In the past year or more, the Tibet aid medical team has sent drugs worth more than 20000 yuan for common diseases such as hypertension and arthritis, benefiting more than 600 farmers and herdsmen. < / P > < p > “I have been in poor health. Last year, experts arranged for me to go to Linzhi for an examination, and this time I came to see me specially.” Bai Zhuoma said, “now I am getting better and better. Thank the experts and the party’s good policy!” At present, the new health center in Beibeng township has started construction with the support of the Tibet aid task force, and is expected to be put into use within the year. The public will no longer need to cross mountains to treat common diseases. The Motuo County Working Group of the ninth batch of Guangdong Province’s Tibet aid working group is taking the opportunity of creating “second class a” in Motuo County People’s hospital to promote the improvement of medical treatment level in remote areas of Tibet. Tibet aid experts strive to train a medical team for the local people through teaching and remote consultation.