Guangdong maritime police joint with public security department to detect a case of organizing others to illegally cross the border

On October 29, Guangzhou, the Guangdong Coast Guard Bureau, together with the public security organs in Shenzhen and other places, carried out centralized network collection operations in Zhongshan, Huizhou and Shanwei, Guangdong Province, and successfully detected a case of organizing others to illegally cross the border. Up to now, a total of 12 people have been arrested, including 5 suspected of organizing transporters and 7 stowaways. One vehicle and two speedboats have been seized. It is understood that the smuggling gang of the organization has been active in Guangdong, Hong Kong and other places for a long time. It adopts the way of “ant moving” and uses speedboats to organize people to sneak abroad in the coastal areas of eastern Guangdong. The gang is characterized by tight organization, clear division of labor and frequent activities. At the end of the month, Guangdong Coast Police Bureau set up a special group to carry out in-depth investigation. < p > < p > after two months of careful investigation, Guangdong maritime police and public security department successfully cracked the case, and the whole chain cracked down on the gang that had long organized personnel smuggling and cut off two sea transportation channels.