Greek Prime Minister worried about the epidemic situation is not optimistic, authorities issued a number of new epidemic prevention regulations

On August 6, according to the European Network quoted by the European Union News Agency reported on the 6th, the Greek Vice Minister of citizens hadalias and the consultant of the Ministry of health and epidemiology professor ziodras held a weekly epidemic conference to introduce the recent development of the epidemic situation. Greek Prime Minister mizotakis said he was worried about the new peak of the epidemic in Greece. The Greek authorities have again announced more restrictions. According to reports, on the 5th of local time, Greek Prime Minister mizotakis delivered a brief speech to the public through regular video conference, introducing the development of the Greek epidemic situation and once again reminding the public to strictly abide by the epidemic prevention measures. He said he was concerned about the new peak of the new outbreak in Greece. According to mizotakis, the recent significant increase in new cases is different from the situation at the beginning of the new epidemic situation, which is mainly because the Greek people relaxed their epidemic prevention in July. “I believe we all have the responsibility, only 10% of the cases are imported, and at present most of the cases are local community infections.” He reminded the public to strictly abide by the epidemic prevention code and the need for urgency. According to the famous Greek epidemiologist ziodras, the number of new crown cases in Greece is increasing, mainly because of the flow of people, and many people do not abide by the epidemic prevention rules, attend parties and celebrations, and the strength of new crown detection in Greece is strengthening. It is easy to get out of control, and if the number of cases continues to increase at the current rate, a second wave of outbreaks could occur within two weeks, he said. He said that at present, the RO value of Greece has risen from 0.4 in mid July to 1, and efforts must be made to reduce the RO value below 1 in the future. However, hadalias, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of civil protection of Greece, announced more restrictive measures, including shortening the business hours of beach bars, nightclubs and other similar entertainment places; the public must make an appointment to handle affairs in some public departments; and more frequent inspection of food processing plants and packaging factories. < / P > < p > restrictions also include that up to August 31, the maximum number of participants in social activities such as weddings and baptisms will be 100; from August 3 to 18, people taking ferries will also need to wear masks in open places such as decks.