Greece will take more measures to deal with the epidemic, experts call on the public to remain vigilant

On August 6, Greece’s China Greece Times reported that Greece’s National Public Health Organization announced on the 5th that there were 124 new cases of new crown confirmed in Greece in the past 24 hours, with a total of 4973 confirmed cases and 210 deaths. To this end, the Greek authorities intend to announce more new measures to deal with it. In addition, Greek infectious disease experts also appeal to the public to keep vigilance at all times. The Greek government has entered the “Red Alert” state after the increasing number of new crown cases in Greece broke through the triple digit, according to the report. Prime Minister mizotakis will again deliver a national speech, and the authorities have announced that they will not rule out the possibility of adopting new and more restrictive measures. According to a person familiar with the Greek government, mizotakis’s epidemic prevention measures during the blockade period in the month of preaching lines should follow the advice of experts, do a good job in epidemic prevention, and inhibit the spread of the virus again. According to reports, on the 4th, hadalias, the Greek Minister of civil protection, just announced a series of new measures, including banning transit from Albania through the kakavia port from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. In addition, the upper limit on the number of people who take part in social activities has been extended to August 31, all activities on board are prohibited, and working hours are restricted. However, through his social network, zipras, leader of the radical left League, the main opposition party in Greece, accused the authorities of continuous mistakes and policy swings in epidemic prevention, and attributed the negative results to people’s non-compliance with safety measures. “They’ve done everything wrong, and we’re back at the beginning,” he says “People need to be vigilant at all times. Once the epidemic situation is relaxed, it is easy to get out of control,” said ziodras, a spokesman for the Greek Ministry of health and an infectious disease expert. If the virus continues to spread at the current rate, we are likely to have a second wave in two weeks! So in the next few days, we must go all out to win the battle against the virus. ” It is reported that the Greek government and health experts have been calling on people to wear masks and keep social distance in the face of the ever-increasing number of cases. From August 4, all passengers travelling by boat must wear masks in any area of the ship. < / P > < p > at present, the Greek authorities have increased the intensity of inspection in crowded spaces such as buses and subway stations. On the morning of August 4 alone, inspectors conducted 372 inspections of wearing masks and fined 22 passengers and taxi drivers. “Our biggest enemies are complacency and relaxation,” said hadalias, Deputy Minister of the Greek civil protection ministry He said that it is for this reason that the number of cases in many parts of Greece has increased recently.