Greece will introduce new rules to suspend services in several industries and introduce subsidy measures

On August 12, according to Greece’s China Greece times, before September 30, the Greek government will successively introduce new regulations on the suspension of services in the food, culture and sports industries. It is expected that the business may be suspended for up to 30 days each month in August and September. < / P > < p > previously, the Greek government has issued regulations on the suspension of the tourism and transportation industries in the two months. In August and September, the government will continue to provide a monthly special allowance of 534 euros to the unemployed employees in the above industries and other service industries. Employers in these industries can suspend some or all of their employees’ contracts, regardless of whether they have been suspended in previous months. < / P > < p > the recipients of special compensation from August to September include: employees who have been suspended in previous months and are now continuing to suspend; employees who have not been suspended before and are now suspended or dismissed for the first time; employees who have been suspended in previous months and are now permanently dismissed by their employers. < / P > < p > reports that the new rules give employers the right to hire and fire employees, which entitles employees to a special compensation of 534 euros. In addition, the employer needs to fulfill the obligation of no layoff when using the measure of suspension of contract. The employer must also maintain the same amount of work and the same type of labor contract for 30 days after the expiration of the suspension period. < / P > < p > at present, thousands of unemployed seasonal workers in Greece, especially those from the catering industry, have little income. After taking new measures to restrict food exports, their income has been declining and is gradually increasing.