Greece sent rescue team to Lebanon to rescue two Greek citizens injured in the explosion

On August 6, according to the European Network quoted the European Union News Agency reported that on the evening of August 4 local time, a devastating explosion occurred in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, killing more than 100 people and injuring 5000 people. On the morning of the 5th local time, Greece has sent a special rescue team to Lebanon to participate in the local emergency rescue operation. Two Greek citizens are known to have been injured in the explosion. According to reports, in response to the explosion in Beirut, the Greek prime minister, the foreign minister and the Minister of civil protection of Greece issued statements through social platforms to express their mourning and said that Greece was ready to assist the Lebanon authorities in all available ways. Greece sent a rescue team to the disaster area in the morning of 5. Assistance from Greece included 12 rescue team members, a rescue dog and a large number of relief supplies. This decision was made following a request by Lebanon through the European civil protection mechanism. The Greek Ministry of Civil Protection said it had maintained contact with the authorities in Lebanon and was ready to provide additional assistance upon request. According to the report, the Greek foreign ministry pointed out that two Greek citizens were known to have been injured in the explosion. But there were no further details of the extent of the injury. Beirut’s Greek community chairman andriotis told the television station Skai that the wife of a local Greek citizen, who is a member of Lebanon, was killed in the explosion.