Great Wall Beijing auto show lineup exposed Harper big dog listed tank 300 good cat opens pre-sale

A few days ago, e-Car learned from the official of Great Wall Motor Group that the product lineup of Great Wall group to appear at the Beijing auto show to be held on September 26 includes the haver brand, the wey brand and the pure electric vehicle brand Euler. At that time, the wey brand tank 300 and Euler good cat will be sold in advance, and the haver dog will be listed in the Beijing auto show. In terms of the Havel brand, the popular hard line SUV, the Havel dog, has gone through the online voting naming and online voting vehicle configuration name, and this online celebrity contestant will finally be officially launched, and the timing is just above the international A-class Beijing auto show. In addition, the brand-new H2 and modified M6 of haver brand will also be used as new models to make their debut in Beijing auto show. In terms of wey brand, the hard line SUV tank 300, which has appeared before, will be put into pre-sale at Beijing auto show. At that time, the pre-sale price of this model will become a hot spot of concern. After all, there are very few hardline cross-country vehicles with non load-bearing body in the domestic market. Tanke 300 is a brand-new product of its own brand and has topical appearance design, which will surely become a hot topic It is one of the star models of wey brand in Beijing auto show. In terms of new energy vehicles, Euler brand, which focuses on new energy products, will officially open the pre-sale of Euler good cat at Beijing auto show. Designed by the former Porsche designer, it has the charm of classic models and elegant retro temperament. It will be an attractive new energy vehicle, Euler black cat, no matter in terms of body size and endurance White cat has a good sales performance, and the price of Euler good cat will also determine whether it can obtain market share. < / P > < p > the above is the heavyweight product lineup of Great Wall group to appear at the Beijing auto show. At that time, there will be many products of Great Wall brand, haver brand, wey brand and Euler brand. Please pay attention to the auto show report sent back by e-Car on September 26.