Google: Denmark is reviewing its local taxes

Danish tax authorities have begun reviewing Google’s accounts in Denmark to determine whether the technology giant has any outstanding tax obligations, the company said on Monday, according to Reuters. < / P > < p > in its financial report for 2019, Google Denmark APS, the Danish Department of Google, said that the tax authorities have started to review the open tax year for the company’s tax status. < / P > < p > Danish tax authorities declined to comment on the review. Denmark’s prime minister, mett Frederickson, is one of several European leaders who advocates that multinational technology companies pay more taxes in the countries where they operate. < / P > < p > Google, owned by parent company alphabet Inc, has more than 100 employees in Denmark, where it earned DKR 284 million last year. In its financial statements, the company said it was not prepared for a tax review. < / P > < p > “we are in an ongoing dialogue with the Danish tax authorities, and generally speaking, we will pay taxes according to their requirements,” Christina Sorensen, Google’s head of public policy in Denmark, said in a statement. < / P > < p > “as an international company, it’s no secret that most of our taxes are paid in the United States where we belong. It’s like Danish international companies pay most of their taxes in Denmark, “Sorensen said.