Good medicine bitter mouth talk about Coptis

Coptis chinensis is the root and stem of the Ranunculus plant Coptis chinensis, Coptis trigonophylla or Coptis yunnanensis. According to traditional Chinese medicine, Coptis has multiple effects. Coptis is cold in nature. It can be used for purging fire and detoxification, clearing heat and dryness and dampness, clearing heart and removing vexation. It can also be used to treat high fever, sore throat, sore mouth, burns and other symptoms. The taste of medicine and food is mainly known by taste, so the traditional Chinese medicine theory generally thinks that the bitter substance in bitter medicine is the effective substance. It has been preliminarily confirmed by modern pharmaceutical research that the bitterness of bitter drugs is caused by alkaloids, glycosides and other substances, and these compounds are the material basis for the efficacy of bitter drugs.