Global war epidemic: isolation and anti epidemic in May Philippines constantly adjusts its policy to “race” against epidemic situation

From March 12 to August 12, the Philippines took isolation and anti epidemic measures for five months. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed by 140 thousand in August 12th at 4 p.m. in the afternoon, and the cumulative number of rehabilitation patients was 68997, with a cumulative death toll of 2404. < p > < p > SRC = China News Agency shot by Guan Xiangdong SRC = information picture: on August 4, Manila, the capital of the Philippines, and several nearby provinces returned to “improved and strengthened community isolation”. Photo by Guan Xiangdong, China News Agency / < / P > < p > data picture: on August 4, Manila, the capital of the Philippines, and several nearby provinces returned to “improved and strengthened community isolation.”. On March 6, the first local case was found in the Philippines. On March 8, President duterte signed an announcement to declare a state of public health emergency across the country. On the evening of March 12, duterte announced to the people live on TV that the Philippines’ public health alert level rose to the highest Red Level 2, and the “community isolation measures” were immediately launched in Metro Manila, the capital, to open the curtain of “isolation and anti epidemic” in the Philippines. Since March 15, domestic traffic in and out of Manila has been suspended. On March 20, the Philippines imposed a travel ban on all passengers from countries with local transmission of the epidemic. International flights were stopped, and the whole Philippines entered the “Quarantine and anti epidemic” period. < / P > < p > the capital city of Manila began to “strengthen community isolation” in the middle of March. In the middle of May, it was gradually unsealed and implemented “improved enhanced community isolation”. On June 1, it entered “ordinary community isolation”, and some industries resumed production and work. On July 1, Manila and other regions relaxed industry restrictions again. During this period, the whole Philippines carried out different degrees of “community isolation”. < / P > < p > in August, the flow of people increased, and the capital region became the center of the epidemic. On August 2, there were more than 5000 newly diagnosed cases in the Philippines in a single day, and the total number of confirmed cases exceeded 100000. On that night, President duterte, according to the proposal of Philippine health minister Duke, approved the capital damanera region and nearby Neihu, Jiameidi, Riza and Bragan provinces to return to the “improved enhanced community isolation” for two weeks from August 4 to 18, in order to improve the prevention and control measures, solve the tracking and isolation problems, and improve the safety measures in public places. < / P > < p > cooperation between the government and the public is needed to improve the detection ability. The Ministry of health of the Philippines announced that as of August 9, 99 licensed new coronavirus testing laboratories in the Philippines had conducted more than 1.4 million tests. < / P > < p > increase the number of beds to improve the diagnosis and treatment ability. Novel coronavirus pneumonia provided 17200 beds in August 10th, according to Philippine health ministry data. There are 1400 beds in ICU, 11400 isolation beds, 4400 diagnosis and treatment beds and 2100 ventilators. < / P > < p > build isolation facilities to block transmission. At the beginning of April, President duterte requested that large convention centers, exhibition venues, public gymnasiums, performing arts centers, and school related facilities be transformed into isolation facilities. As of August 2, there were 55000 isolation beds in the Philippines. On August 12, it was announced that 50% of public school classrooms in the capital area will be used as treatment and isolation places for new crown patients. At present, the Philippines has increased its tracking ability and raised its public health standards. After August 18, it is required to wear masks and face masks in public transport and office places. < / P > < p > increase the budget of medical insurance system to deal with the epidemic situation. On August 2, the Philippine Ministry of budget and management announced that President duterte approved the 2021 Philippine national budget proposal of 4.506 trillion pesos, which will focus on improving the health care system. < / P > < p > pragmatic diplomacy to launch international anti epidemic cooperation. The Philippines china anti epidemic cooperation has become an international model. On July 27, President duterte delivered a state of the Union address, hoping that China will give priority to the Philippines to provide new coronavirus vaccine after successful research and development, and get a positive response from China. On August 12, the Philippine food and Drug Administration confirmed that Lianhua Qingwen capsule, made in China, was approved to be listed in the Philippines. The main media in the Philippines, cnnph and ABS-CBN, responded warmly.