Global Times editorial: being beaten in the face by Britain, France and Germany

The foreign ministers of Britain, France and Germany issued a joint statement on Thursday, explicitly opposing the U.S. side’s demand that the UN Security Council launch a “rapid recovery of sanctions” mechanism against Iran. This is the most resolute collective “no” to the United States by America’s major European allies since the Iraq war in 2003, which has seriously strengthened Washington’s isolation on the Iranian issue. The United Nations sanctions against Iran’s arms embargo expired on October 18, and the US side last week demanded the continuation of the sanctions, which was supported only by Dominica when the Security Council voted. Pompeio went to the United Nations headquarters in New York on Thursday to propose the “rapid resumption of sanctions” clause of Security Council resolution 2231. The statement of the foreign ministers of Britain, France and Germany directly hit Washington in the face. < / P > < p > as we all know, the United States withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement in May 2018, and it obviously no longer has any right to move a motion against the agreement. It now requires the Security Council to activate the “quick recovery of sanctions” clause in the agreement. It wants to return to the board of directors to vote after withdrawing its shares, and it should play a leading role. This is a gangster’s style, and it is putting itself in the position of super power. Some western media have commented that the United States originally wanted to isolate Iran, but it actually isolated itself. The fundamental reason is that Washington has gone too far. It regards its own interests and goals as a public matter that the whole world must agree with and support. To legalize the “U.S. priority”, the whole world must follow suit. Whoever does not cooperate will be suppressed. < p > < p > Iran is geographically close to Europe, and its stability has a vital interest in Europe. Moreover, after the signing of the Iran nuclear agreement, European companies poured into Iran, forming a huge interest. After the trump administration came to power, it resolutely abandoned the Iran nuclear agreement, and at the same time dug up the corner of European security and economic interests. The dissatisfaction and even anger of those countries can be imagined. < p > < p > Washington’s unilateralism is expanding wildly, and the current U.S. government has lost its head. They forced European countries to stand in the conflict between the United States and China, and forced those countries to give up the “beixi-2” natural gas pipeline project with Russia. Washington seems to think that its power has reached the level of omnipotence. It can crush the will of any party, and let the world bear its orders and bow to its knees. In fact, this is a time when the US strategic control power is relatively limited. However, at this time, the most arrogant US government has emerged and implemented the most aggressive policies in all directions of the world. Such external coercion, it is inevitable that it will encounter resolute resistance and face-to-face spitting. Britain, France and Germany are widely regarded as “humiliating” Washington this time, which can not but be said that the latter asked for it. In fact, the trump administration’s external pressure in recent years has been almost fruitless. Its only gain on the North Korean nuclear issue is embarrassment. On the Iranian issue, it has become a loner, and even Venezuela, which is closest to it, has not solved it. Pompeio lobbied for an alliance and made himself like a beggar for support. If the U.S. is really powerful, they should put it all right with a phone call. But they can’t. < / P > < p > this is a arrogant superpower, and at the same time, it is a poor superpower. It is too greedy. With its abundant strategic resources, it has to try its best to create a strategic deficit for unrealistic goals and turn itself into a “special poor” who is unjust and helpless and has more and more debts. < p > < p > Washington needs to remember that it cannot sanction the world, let alone control the world. The real result of the arrogant world of sanctions is to punish itself. This “backwater” of England, France and Germany has sounded an alarm for it. If Washington wants to go its own way, there are more bitter fruits waiting for it in the woods ahead.