Germany’s new cases break through 1000 again, and those who evade compulsory testing face a maximum fine of 25000 euros

Berlin, August 6 the number of new confirmed cases in Germany reached 1045, the first rebound to more than 1000 in recent three months, according to the German federal agency for Disease Control and prevention. Germany’s federal health minister said on the same day that anti epidemic measures will be increased to maintain the anti epidemic achievements so far. Since August 8, people returning from 128 high-risk countries and regions officially recognized by Germany must undergo the new crown test, and those who evade the test can face a maximum fine of 25000 euros. The total number of confirmed cases in Germany on the same day was 213067, which was reported by the German Research Institute. German media pointed out that this is the first time in recent three months that the number of newly diagnosed cases in a single day in Germany has returned to above 1000. In response to the criticism of the rule, Spang said he was well aware that it was “an intervention in some individual freedoms,” but I think it is a reasonable intervention – freedom is not just one’s freedom, it is always accompanied by responsibility to oneself and others. “. Currently, 128 countries and regions in the world are listed as high-risk areas by Germany, including Luxembourg in the EU, three regions in northern Spain, Antwerp in Belgium and Turkey outside the EU. People returning from these areas will have to undergo a new crown test at no cost. < / P > < p > the above-mentioned persons must be isolated at home before a negative test result is obtained. If you try to evade the test, you will face a fine of up to 25000 euros.