Germany confirmed nearly 220000 new cases, health minister warned the epidemic rebound nationwide

China News Agency Berlin on August 12, as of August 12 local time, the cumulative number of people infected with the new coronavirus in Germany has reached 219399, of which 1226 cases were newly diagnosed on August 12, a new high since the beginning of May. German Federal Health Minister Jens schpen said on the same day that almost all parts of Germany have different degrees of epidemic rebound. He warned that if the people can not comply with the requirements of epidemic prevention, the epidemic may rebound further. < / P > < p > the number of new confirmed cases announced by the Robert Koch Institute of German Federal Disease Control Agency on the 12th was 1226. According to the German “time online” level in the first ten days of the month. In an exclusive interview with Deutsche Radio, Jens shpan said that the current epidemic situation is undoubtedly worrying. Before that, the aggregated infection in meat factory or church can be clearly positioned. Now, with the infection caused by return passengers, parties and family gatherings, outbreaks of different scales have been observed in almost all parts of Germany. “If we can’t all keep alert now, then the rebound will be further expanded.” < / P > < p > Jens Spencer said that the German medical system can still cope with the current number of infections, but every new infection increases the burden of the medical system. To this end, he once again called on the public to comply with the requirements of epidemic prevention, wear masks and maintain interpersonal distance.