Germany confirmed more than 220000 cases, Bavaria delayed reporting 900 cases of positive cause concern

China News Agency Berlin on August 13, as of August 12 local time, the cumulative number of people infected with the new coronavirus in Germany has exceeded 220000. In the evening of the same day, the health department of Bavaria admitted that the new crown test results of 44000 passengers returning to the state from abroad were delayed in reporting, of which 900 were positive. At present, the authorities are contacting these people who tested positive. Bavaria governor Zede said that this mistake is very angry and the entire epidemic prevention system must be investigated immediately. < / P > < p > from this month, Germany began to implement compulsory new crown detection for passengers returning from overseas high-risk areas. The above-mentioned large-scale delayed reporting incident occurred in Bavaria, southern Germany, which took the lead in carrying out nationwide free testing since July 1. Melanie Hume, the state health minister, said at the meeting that night that 44000 of the 85000 test results were not reported in time, of which 900 were positive. The reason for this problem is that a large number of data must be manually entered, and the number of people detected is increasing. < / P > < p > Melanie Hummer stressed that she had no knowledge of the scale of the delay in reporting test results. She said testing in the state had been taken over by a private sector and the results were generated digitally instead. It is reported that all the people who test positive will be informed by noon on the 13th at the latest. In the future, the state’s new crown test results will be given within 24-48 hours. < / P > < p > German media expressed concern about the consequences of the late reporting accident in Bavaria. Many of the confirmed patients may have been out for several days, the newspaper said. < / P > < p > Zede said on social media twitter that day that the problems in the testing center must be solved immediately, and that they will not happen again. The opposition party in the state strongly criticized the state government. Hartman, chairman of the Green Party group in the state legislature, said the incident was “an astonishing mistake committed by the government.”. Hagen, chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, criticized Zeder’s “self claimed role as a top student in the fight against epidemic disease” for being increasingly untenable.