Germany and France “take measures” when epidemic situation rises

In Germany and France, the number of new crown confirmed cases in a single day has recently reached a new high in recent months. As people end their summer vacations and students return to school, there is growing concern that the epidemic will rebound. Germany reported 1707 new cases of new coronal disease on the 20th, the highest increase in a single day since the epidemic reached its peak in April. The latest data show that Germany has more than 228000 confirmed cases and more than 9000 deaths. The surge in confirmed cases in Xinguan is related to people returning home from summer vacation and holding family gatherings and gatherings, AFP reported. Schools in parts of Germany resumed classes last week. < p > < p > France reported a record number of new crown confirmed cases on the 19th. According to the French health administration, nearly 3800 new cases were confirmed in France compared with the previous day, with a total of more than 225000 confirmed cases. < p > < p > according to the French General Administration of health, “all indicators continue to rise, and for all age groups, the spread of the virus is on the rise, especially among young people.” the virus is particularly active in Paris, the capital city, and the surrounding areas of the southern city of Marseille. < p > < p > after Paris Saint Germain advanced to the final of the European football champions league on the 18th, a large number of fans reveled in the Champs Elysees in Paris without wearing masks; on the 23rd, a number of fans are expected to gather on the day of the final. Some public health experts are concerned that these gatherings could lead to clustering infections. French President Emmanuel Marcon told France’s “Paris competition pictorial” that despite the rise of the epidemic situation, the French government does not consider once again “closing the city” throughout the country and “can not let the country fall into stagnation”. If necessary, he tends to “tighten prevention and control measures in a targeted way” and implement corresponding epidemic prevention policies according to the epidemic situation. < p > < p > French people must wear masks when taking public transport and in indoor public places. On July 31, the French government gave local governments the right to decide whether to wear masks in outdoor public places.