Geely advance Beijing Auto Show opens pre-sale and publishes new standard of class a sedan named and defined

A few days ago, we learned from relevant channels that the first wide body car under Geely’s CMA structure “super matrix” – Preface will be pre-sale and announced at the end of this month’s Beijing auto show. The car is highly similar to the concept car design shown at the Shanghai auto show in 2019. It is also Geely’s first car equipped with Volvo drive-e series 2.0td engine. < / P > < p > from the front view, preview is based on the new “space-time variation” design concept, and will adopt a new “diffuse universe recall” front grille. Its shield shaped outer contour design inspiration comes from layers of spreading and expanding universe stars. The built-in vertical vertical grille is decorated with chrome plated bright bars, which increases the visual horizontal stretching effect. < / P > < p > the three-stage pulse daily light is connected with both ends of the front grille and extends outwards in a progressive manner, which improves the sense of technology and increases the recognition of this model. < / P > < p > from the side, the design highlight of preface is that it extends from the “diffuse universe recall” on the front face to the contour line of the side body, forming a “sling shot” whirling design. The rearview mirror is the origin, and extends around the outline of the side window and extends to the A-pillar, which is similar to the trajectory of catapult shooting and gyration, reflecting a sense of strength ready to go. The wheelbase of the new car is 2800 M / W and the wheelbase of the new car is 1 869 M / W and the wheelbase of the new car is 1 869 M / W. < / P > < p > in the aspect of tail modeling, the wingspan sea-level rear of preface is connected by a long and thin chrome plated trim strip, which extends to both sides and runs through the tail horizontally, creating a broad and extended outline of the vehicle’s tail, which echoes back and forth with the front face in terms of horizontal stretching visual sense. The LED tail light adopts the gradual change pattern, which effectively improves the night identification. < / P > < p > based on the design concept of “space-time variation”, preface adopts a new “space-time overlapping cockpit” design in the interior design, and the flowing and concise lines converge to the center of the cockpit from multiple dimensions. What’s more impressive is that the interior details are simple, fashionable, luxurious and youthful. It shows the carving craftsmanship of “Geely 4.0” incisively and vividly. < / P > < p > What’s more new is that the infinite color changing breath atmosphere lamp is used in the center console and the door trim panel, and the natural and soft embracing surface light source is adopted, which can be accompanied by different color changes, so as to play a warning and warning role for the drivers and passengers. At the same time, preface will also be equipped with suspended 12.3-inch central control screen, 12.3-inch LCD instrument, nappa leather antibacterial steering wheel, g-clean ecological purification system, etc., to further enhance the sense of technology and luxury of the vehicle. In terms of power, the 2.0td engine carried by Geely prefoce has also been applied to Volvo S60, Volvo S90 and Lingke 03. All of them are high-end power products of Volvo drive-e series, including vep4 in-line four cylinder all aluminum turbocharged central direct injection gasoline engine, which has won the “Ward top ten engines” for three consecutive years. < / P > < p > the data show that this 2.0td engine will bring 140kW / 4700rpm maximum power and 300nm / 1400 ~ 4000rpm maximum torque for preface. With low inertia turbocharger, when the engine speed reaches 1000rpm, the turbine can intervene and eliminate the phenomenon of turbine hysteresis.