Gansu: the average purchasing price of 32 kinds of drugs decreased by 62% on average

Lanzhou learned from a recent news conference of Gansu Provincial Government on October 21 that this year, through the continuous implementation of the centralized procurement and use of state organizations, the results of the selection of drugs from 32 countries were implemented in Gansu, and the average price of selected drugs dropped by 62%, further reducing the burden of patients with drugs. < / P > < p > “purchasing with quantity” is equivalent to the government’s organization of drug “group purchase”. Feng Lianbao, deputy director of Gansu Medical Security Bureau, said that the results of the selection of 32 national centralized purchasing drugs were implemented. It is estimated that the total purchase cost of 32 drugs in the province in the first year will drop from more than 80 million yuan to about 30 million yuan. < / P > < p > “the selection results of the next batch of 55 national centralized purchase drugs will be implemented in Gansu Province in November. Compared with the lowest purchase price before centralized purchase, the average price reduction is 53%, and the highest reduction rate is 95% Feng Lianbao said. < p > < p > it is reported that Gansu Province has built a special platform to monitor and manage selected drugs, online prepayment of medical insurance fund and settlement of drug payment, so as to realize the integration of “logistics, information flow and capital flow”. At the same time, non selected enterprises were guided to actively reduce prices. By the end of September, 251 non selected drugs had applied for price reduction, with an average price reduction rate of more than 30%.