GAC motor officially launched GS5 Black 5 edition, sold for 126800 yuan and created in many places

A few days ago, GAC motor officially announced that its GS5 series has launched a new black 5 model. Its new car price is 126800 yuan, supplemented by many new black models. < / P > < p > trumpchi GS5 adopts trumpchi’s latest “light and shadow sculpture 3.0” design language. The front face of the five flying wings is connected with the dazzling Samsung matrix LED headlamp, which is full of momentum. The side lines of the car body are concise and dynamic. The design of whale fin silver hook D-pillar not only creates a floating roof, but also gives the body a stronger sense of hierarchy. The rear of the car is equipped with through tail lights, and 190 LED light sources highlight the sense of fashion. Trumpchi GS5 black version is further “blackened” on the basis of the previous classic YaHei body color matching. Including five pieces of Lingyun wing grille, front and rear bumper, wheel rim, through type tail lamp and tail light trim strip, etc., all adopt fuming treatment. < / P > < p > in terms of interior, trumpchi GS5 Black 5 cabin adopts luxury and comfortable design language, and the horizontal wide interior design brings a strong sense of luxury. In terms of material selection, imported TPO leather is used to effectively improve the air quality in the car. Combined with air filtration and nano negative ion generator, the ride is more comfortable. In addition, the new car also has a super large panoramic skylight to further upgrade the spatial pattern. < / P > < p > trumpchi GS5 Black 5 is also equipped with a new generation of all intelligent security system of trumpchi, integrating many advanced active safety technologies. New and enhanced adigo The 10 intelligent driving systems include integrated cruise assist system (ICA), traffic jam assist system (TJA), lane departure warning system (LDW), lane offset keeping system (LKA), adaptive cruise system (ACC), intelligent high and low beam switching system (HMA), front collision warning function (FCW), active brake assist system (AEB), E-call emergency rescue and b-cal L emergency vehicle rescue system to fully guarantee the safety of drivers and passengers. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with the third generation 270t engine, covering a number of cutting-edge technologies, such as high-pressure direct injection, dual variable timing of intake and exhaust, low inertia turbocharging, GCCs combustion control patent technology and other cutting-edge technologies, achieving a maximum power of 124kw and a maximum torque of 265n · M. In terms of transmission system, the third generation hydraulic transmission from Aisin is matched with the engine. The official comprehensive fuel consumption of the new car per 100 km is 6.6l.