GAC motor M8 low camouflage spy photos to be launched at Beijing Auto Show

A few days ago, e-Car exclusively captured the low camouflage spy photos of GAC motor’s M8 new car. Even if the new car was the successor of the previous generation of gm8, the new car was renamed as M8. In the upcoming Beijing auto show, the M8 will also be officially launched. < / P > < p > from the spy photos, we can see that all the camouflage has been removed from the real car, and only the manufacturer’s logo and model name at the rear of the car are covered with stickers. The rear of the car is the same as in the design draft. The transverse through LED tail lamp is used. The lighting effect of the light belt is more textured. The chrome plated decorative strip is used under the rear surround to penetrate the left and right. At the same time, it is integrated with similar double outlet exhaust decoration. However, the double outlet exhaust is likely to be the decoration part. After all, the M8 with more business image is more suitable for the hidden exhaust layout. < / P > < p > the brand-new trumpchi M8 front adopts a further sublimated family Peugeot “Lingyun wing” design, and uses the air intake grille. The chrome plating decoration of the grille adopts the way of spacing, which is more three-dimensional. The front and rear surrounding have chrome plated decorative strips that echo the modeling. On the basis of the unified design style, the whole body also increases the delicacy and level of the front. According to the declaration information, the M8 will be equipped with a 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 252 horsepower, which is matched with the engine or an 8-speed automatic manual transmission. In another week, the Beijing auto show is about to open, and the brand-new M8 will also be officially launched. Please pay attention to the latest report of GAC motor M8 in Beijing auto show.