GAC motor M6 officially went on the market with sales of RMB 109800-159800

On September 10, GAC Motor announced that its trumpchi M6 model was officially launched. The new car can also be regarded as a modified model of Gm6. According to the difference of configuration, the new car has launched 6 kinds of subdivided models with the price range of RMB 109800-159800. The front face of the new car < / P > < p > the front face of trumpchi M6 adopts Bright Silver Chrome Plated grille, which significantly improves the fashion degree, and adds the appearance color matching of bright moon grey to give users more diversified choices. < / P > < p > in terms of interior decoration, the packaging materials and carpet materials have been optimized, which further improves the class sense and comfort of the cabin. In addition, the interior color matching adopts two styles of “late summer night (deep interior)” and “brilliant (light interior)” to enhance the visual immersion of the cabin, which is conducive to deepening the personalized expression of the car owner in the perceptual level. < / P > < p > in other aspects, trumpchi M6 is equipped with the latest adigo smart Drive Internet Ecosystem, providing a new interactive experience; the whole series of models are equipped with negative ion air purification system as standard, and the air conditioning filter element of the whole system is upgraded to PM1 standard, which can effectively filter particles with diameter less than or equal to 1 micron in the air. < / P > < p > in terms of power, the powertrain of the new car is composed of trumpchi’s new third generation 270t engine and 7wdct gearbox, with the maximum engine power of 124kw and peak torque of 265nm. Through more appropriate gear ratio and shift logic, intelligent deceleration and fuel cut-off control system, intelligent deceleration energy recovery system, hydraulic torque converter locking technology and other technical means, the assembly further reduces the comprehensive fuel consumption of the new car for 100 km. The official said that the comprehensive fuel consumption of trumpchi’s M6 100 km is 7.5L.