Fujian Xiamen pilot credit medical treatment

Recently, Xiao Yang, a resident of Xiamen City, Fujian Province, came to the dermatology department of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Xiamen University. After the doctor prescribed the prescription, he took the medicine and left. On the second day, he repaid the bill according to the official account of the egret, paying 475 yuan in medical bills on his mobile phone. < / P > < p > “pay after seeing a doctor” — this is the “credit medical treatment” service launched by Xiamen, which allows patients to avoid the trouble of frequent payment in the process of treatment, and is welcomed by the society. As long as the credit score reaches a certain value, Xiamen medical insurance users who receive the electronic health card can be exempted from all payment procedures according to the corresponding amount in the outpatient and emergency department of the hospital. After the treatment, they will pay off the payment in a lump sum within the agreed time.

at the Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Xiamen University, if the egret reaches 584 points or sesame scores reach 650 points, it can sign the “credit seeking medical service” in hospitals, egrets official account or Alipay’s hospital life number, enjoying the highest treatment amount of 2000 yuan. When patients go to see a doctor, the doctor will settle the account directly, and the order of deduction is personal medical insurance, advance payment and credit line. After the visit, the payment can be made on the corresponding platform according to the bill pushed. < / P > < p > at present, the repayment period of credit medical treatment in the pilot stage of the hospital is 2 days, that is, before 23:00 the next day after treatment. If it is not settled within the repayment period, it will be regarded as overdue. After that, the credit medical service will be stopped and the overdue records of users will be kept. At the same time, the credit line will be automatically reduced or cancelled according to the time and amount of arrears. The next day after users make up the payment, the platform will resume the credit medical service. < / P > < p > in Xiamen stomatological hospital, as long as there is no dishonesty record and the egret score reaches 650 points, the medical insurance users can enjoy the credit medical service, and the related expenses can be delayed for 3 days. < p > < p > according to statistics, since the trial operation of Xiamen credit medical service in June last year, the total number of users has been about 12500, and nearly 3000 people have used credit for medical treatment, saving more than 55000 minutes for patients, and the amount of credit payment has exceeded 500000 yuan. The person in charge of Xiamen health and Health Commission said that the introduction of social credit into the medical field through credit medical service is of great significance to enhance patients’ sense of obtaining medical treatment, improve the efficiency and level of hospital management, and strengthen the social value of honesty and trustworthiness. In the current stage of normalized prevention and control, the flow of personnel is reduced, which is conducive to promoting the management of hospital infection. According to the introduction, Xiamen will build a unified credit medical service platform in the whole city. On the one hand, it will connect egret, sesame and other credit service platforms and financial channels, and on the other hand, it will connect with his system and payment system of pilot hospitals. According to the person in charge of relevant departments, pilot hospitals will be added in the next step, and the credit medical treatment will be extended to the inpatient link, and the connotation and service scope of credit medical treatment will be continuously expanded.