Fudge said that he and his family had received death threats and lamented “anti science sentiment” in the United States

Chinese novel coronavirus pneumonia,

, reported in August 6th that the 5 chief of infectious diseases expert, Mr. Fauci, said he and his family had received death threats since many people did not love his remarks on the new crown pneumonia epidemic. He also said there was a certain “anti science sentiment” in the United States. < / P > < p > at an event hosted by the Harvard School of public health, Fudge was reported to have said, “my family and I have received death threats, my daughter has been harassed to the point that I have to ask for security – I mean, it’s incredible.” < p > < p > fudge said: “I never dreamed that those who were purely against the principles of public health would come to such a point that they did not like what you and I said, that is, the words of the scientific community. Since the beginning of the meeting month, Fudge had his own security team because of threats and harassment. Fudge also mentioned the “anti science” sentiment in the United States to some extent, which made it difficult for people to accept measures such as wearing masks to slow down the spread of new crowns. “There is a certain degree of anti science sentiment in this country, and I think it’s not just about science,” he said. It seems to have something to do with authority and distrust of authority. ” Fudge, 79, has been leading the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases since 1984, advising six U.S. presidents on HIV, Ebola, Zika and other health crises, the report said. During the epidemic period, Fudge often described the current situation of the U.S. epidemic situation in the media, making it one of the most trusted voices of the public. However, trump, the current president of the United States, has repeatedly attacked fudge, accusing him of “some mistakes” in social media and media interviews. < / P > < p > recently, trump released a video on social media in which cage testified in the house of Representatives, explaining why the number of cases recorded in the United States is higher than that in Europe. Trump denounced his claim as “wrong” and again claimed that more cases in the United States were due to more tests being carried out.