Frequent US provocations against Russia intensify confrontation

Recently, the U.S. military has demonstrated frequently to Russia, from launching rockets to Crimea Peninsula, to finding an excuse to withdraw from the open sky treaty, and then sent warships into the Black Sea and Peter the Great Bay, Russia’s territorial sea, causing strong dissatisfaction from the Russian side and widespread concern from the international community. Paul withers, the daily express of Britain, even believes that the behavior of US warships along the coast of Russia is quite dangerous, which may lead to the outbreak of the Third World War. < / P > < p > on November 19, the US military airlifted two sets of high mobility long-range multi barrel rocket systems from Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany to the area along the black sea of Romania, fired several rockets towards the Crimea Peninsula, and then quickly transported the rocket systems back to Ramstein air force base. The whole process lasted for several hours. < / P > < p > according to the website of Forbes magazine, the US military’s move is to send a signal to Russia that the troops stationed in Europe and the United States have resumed long-range firepower. According to reports, the deployment of the “haimas” multi barrel rocket system, weighing 12 tons, can launch six 270 mm rockets with a maximum range of 64 km at a time. If necessary, the system can also carry and launch a tactical missile with a range of 161 km. On November 22, the United States claimed that Russia had repeatedly violated the treaty and took the opportunity to withdraw from the open sky treaty. On November 23, the US Navy destroyer Donald cook entered the Black Sea. Media analysis said that the entry of the destroyer “Donald cook” into the Black Sea may be related to the “bridge of friendship-2020” joint exercise held by Russia and Egypt in the sea area from November 21 to 24. On November 24, the US Navy Destroyer “John McCain” entered the waters of Peter the Great Bay and invaded the Russian territorial waters for 2000 meters. < / P > < p > it is understood that the number of US warships and aircraft entering the waters around Russia has increased significantly this year. Russian military fighters have increased the frequency of intercepting foreign military aircraft over the Black Sea by 21 percent since the beginning of this year, said Russo rutzkoy, director of the General Administration of operations of the general staff of the Russian armed forces. Take the destroyer “Donald cook” for example, this is not the first time it has entered the Black Sea. Six years ago, it entered the sea in the name of “supporting NATO allies”. In 2016, the destroyer “Donald cook” also entered the waters near Kaliningrad, the Russian enclave. At that time, the Russian army urgently dispatched SU-24 fighter bombers to confront it and flew over the destroyer at low altitude for 20 times. < / P > < p > after the US Navy Destroyer “Donald cook” entered the Black Sea, the Russian Black Sea Fleet immediately sent ships to track it. The next day, the destroyer “John McCain” intruded into Russian territorial waters and was driven away by the Russian Pacific Fleet “admiral vinograv”. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the large-scale anti submarine ship “admiral vinograv” warned the destroyer “John McCain” through international channels that it might take collision maneuvers to drive it out of Russian territorial waters. Russian media reported that after receiving the warning, the US Navy destroyer quickly left Russian territorial waters and did not enter again. < / P > < p > the Russian Foreign Ministry strongly protested against the invasion of Russian territorial waters by US Navy warships, believing that the US Navy’s move was an open provocation aimed at undermining peace and good order. Russian military experts said that Russian naval ships have the right to sink US Navy destroyers that intrude into Russian territorial waters. However, the US Navy’s Seventh Fleet claimed that the destroyer “John McCain” was an operation to guarantee free navigation in the waters of Peter’s Bay, and disagreed with Russia’s declaration that Peter’s Bay was its territorial sea. < / P > < p > in response, Russia protested to the United States by launching new weapons and exercises. On November 26, the Information Office of the Russian Baltic Fleet issued a notice saying that the Russian frigate “smart” has gone to the Atlantic waters and plans to carry out anti submarine exercises. On the same day, Russian troops successfully test fired a new type of anti missile missile at sareshagan range in Kazakhstan and hit the target. According to Russian media reports, the new type of anti missile missile will greatly improve the anti missile defense capability of Moscow and the central industrial zone. < / P > < p > in addition, Russian navy ships successfully test fired zircon hypersonic missiles in the White Sea on the same day. General Vyacheslav Popov, former commander of Russia’s Northern Fleet, said in an interview with Russian media that the successful test firing is a major victory. Although at least one more test firing is needed, the two completed tests are crucial. Judging from the current progress, the “zircon” hypersonic missile is close to service. < / P > < p > although Paul withers, in the daily express, believes that the entry of US Navy warships into the Black Sea and Peter’s Bay poses a threat to the World War III, his remarks are too alarmist in the current situation. < / P > < p > some experts believe that the reason why the United States recently strengthened its military provocation against Russia is, on the one hand, to show its existence in Europe, and on the other hand, to put pressure on Russia. Especially when the new START treaty is due to expire in February next year, the United States intends to gain a stronger negotiating position through military provocation. Although the military friction between the two sides has escalated, it is still under control and will not lead to a large-scale war. First of all, there are a series of meeting rules and communication channels between the US and Russian armies, which are conducive to eliminating misunderstandings and misjudgments that may lead to large-scale conflicts, and controlling the friction between the two armies in a controllable range. Secondly, the US military pressure on Russia has become the norm, which is one of the manifestations of the continuous deterioration of us Russian relations. However, the contradiction between the two sides has not developed to the point of confrontation. Finally, the United States and Russia have considerable standing forces and nuclear weapons. The main reason why the United States has exerted military pressure on Russia for a long time is to show its military presence and deter Russia. It does not dare to take the risk of paying a huge price to confront Russia. < / P > < p > at present, without a fundamental improvement in the relations between the United States and Russia, the confrontation and friction between the two armies will exist for a long time, and the United States may continue to make waves in Russia’s neighboring countries to contain Russian military forces. It should be noted that the United States intends to accelerate the deterioration of the regional situation through various provocative and irresponsible acts, so as to profit from it. The countries in the relevant regions should remain sober and vigilant when dealing with the regional policies of the United States.