French Prime Minister stressed the need to work together to prevent the new coronavirus infection rate from rising

China News Agency, Paris, August 11 French Prime Minister kastai stressed on August 11 local time that we must work together to prevent the resurgence of new coronavirus infection rate, otherwise the spread of the virus in France will become difficult to control.

Caste visited city novel coronavirus pneumonia in Montpelier, France, to visit the local hospital to check the situation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. He expressed concern about the deterioration of epidemic data in France. He pointed out that the virus infection rate in the past two weeks has “gone in the wrong direction”. < / P > < p > Castel also said that France now has 600000 virus tests per week, but more can be done for people with symptoms. On the risk of another severe regulatory measures, such as the closure, castai said no one wants to experience another closure. < / P > < p > according to the epidemic data released by the French Ministry of health that night, 1397 new confirmed cases were added in a single day on November 11, and the total number of official confirmed cases rose to 204172. 30354 cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia death in France. Since May, 746 cases of cluster infection have been found in France, and 227 cases are still under investigation. < / P > < p > French President Marcon held a video conference with senior government officials on November 11 to discuss measures to deal with the rebound of the epidemic. The meeting decided to formulate new epidemic prevention and control measures for 20 major French cities, and the ban on gathering more than 5000 people will also be extended to October 31.