French defense minister Pali visited Lebanon and said France will continue to provide assistance to Lebanon

Paris, August 14 French defense minister Paris visited Lebanon on August 13 local time. She said France will continue to provide assistance to Lebanon. After arriving in Lebanon on the same day, Pali immediately went to the scene of the big bang in Beirut to check. She said that the damage caused by the explosion is serious, France will continue to provide assistance to Lebanon, and the primary goal is to meet the current “most urgent needs” of the people of Lebanon. < / P > < p > Pali will meet with the president of Lebanon, Mr. ORN, and hold talks with the high-level military of Lebanon. Pali will also welcome the arrival of the French helicopter aircraft carrier “thunder” in Lebanon. The ship carries not only material aid, but also French military engineers, who will help Lebanon clean up and rebuild the port facilities seriously damaged by the explosion, so that the port “can resume operation”. < / P > < p > the French Embassy in Lebanon said that Pali’s visit is a supportive one, especially reiterating the message delivered by French President Nicolas macarone during his previous visit to Lebanon, and showing France’s role in helping Lebanon cope with the crisis. < / P > < p > on June 6, makron visited Lebanon, met with the president of Lebanon, and inspected the scene of the explosion. The video conference on international aid to Lebanon was held at the initiative of France and the United Nations on the 9th. Makron called on the international community to take prompt action to provide emergency aid to Lebanon. On the 12th, makron also talked on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Rouhani to discuss the situation in Lebanon. < p > < p > a violent explosion occurred in the port area of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, on the evening of August 4, causing serious casualties. Lebanon’s prime minister diab has announced the government’s collective resignation. Lebanon’s parliament approved a state of emergency decree in Beirut on the 13th.