French arrest of a senior NATO Officer: suspected of providing intelligence to Russia

French defense minister Florence parley confirmed on August 30 that the French government is investigating a senior military officer suspected of providing NATO sensitive military secrets to Russia. The officer, who can speak Russian, was sent to NATO to work in Naples, Italy, the Guardian reported on the 30th. He was previously seen in Italy with a man who was confirmed to be an agent of the Russian military intelligence agency gruu. < / P > < p > “what I can only reveal at the moment is that a senior official is facing legal proceedings for providing confidential information.” Pali said, but she did not give more details. According to Europe’s radio one, the officer was arrested by the French intelligence agency homeland security when he was preparing to leave for Italy after his holiday in France and is currently being held in a prison in Paris. A judicial official said that the official was arrested and prosecuted for providing confidential information to foreign forces on the charge of endangering the basic interests of the country. The incident comes at a time when NATO member countries Greece and Turkey are in fierce conflict over the development of oil and gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean, as well as various contradictions within NATO, especially over whether to continue to follow the military alliance led by US President Donald Trump, BBC reported. As early as last November, French President Emmanuel makron pointed out the lack of strategic coordination between NATO member states and the United States, and said that NATO was experiencing a “brain death” state, warning that European countries were about to face an “unimaginable difficult situation”.