France sent warships to Beirut to provide medical support with a large amount of materials

France sent an amphibious assault ship to Lebanon earlier this week after the big explosion at the port of Beirut, Lebanon, according to the website of the US Naval Research Society on August 11. < / P > < p > the French Foreign Ministry announced on its website last week that the amphibious assault ship “toner” will leave for Lebanon on the 9th. The French Ministry of defense has also sent a cargo ship. < / P > < p > the French Foreign Ministry said in a press release: “these materials will help support medical care in Lebanon, including vehicular hospitals, engineering equipment, 200 tons of flour, dairy and baby products, 134 tons of food, 75000 liters of drinking water, building materials, etc.” < / P > < p > in addition to the “toner”, France last week sent a number of planes carrying relief supplies and personnel to help Lebanon cope with the damage caused by the explosion, and France also arranged three flights to Lebanon over the weekend. < / P > < p > on the 6th local time, French President Marcon visited Lebanon to see the scene of the explosion in Beirut, the capital, and met with the president of Lebanon, Jean Paul Orn. At least 40 French people were injured in the Beirut explosion, according to a French official report released on the 6th.