France announces first successful test launch of cruise missile by nuclear submarine

Paris, October 21 French Defense Ministry issued a press release on the 21st, saying that the French new attack type nuclear submarine “Safran” successfully test fired cruise missiles for the first time at the maritime missile test base near PIs Carlos in southwest France. According to the communique, “saufran” is the first of a new generation of French attack type nuclear submarine “Barracuda”, which will be delivered to the French Navy by the end of 2020 and officially put into service in 2021. Six Barracuda class attack nuclear submarines are planned to be built to replace the ruby class attack nuclear submarines currently in service in the French navy. The communique also said that the cruise missile launched on the 20th had a range of hundreds of kilometers, which could destroy the enemy’s infrastructure deep in the land. As the first French nuclear submarine with such a conventional strike capability, the “sunfranc” nuclear submarine can continuously attack the enemy and improve the penetration ability of the French army in the war zone.