Foxconn launches electric vehicle platform

Recently, Foxconn launched the EV open platform in its hhtd 20 activities, which will be shared with other companies, and FCA group has thrown an olive branch to Foxconn. < / P > < p > like the platform of traditional automobile manufacturers, the architecture is also very flexible, which can build hatchback, sedan, SUV, MPV and other models. Foxconn specifically pointed out that the platform can support 2750 to 3100 mm wheelbase models. The architecture can also support various driving forms. < / P > < p > in terms of performance, Foxconn said that it will launch battery packs with capacity of 93, 100 and 116 kwh. The output power of the front motor is 95kw, 150KW and 200kW, and the output power of the rear motor is 150KW, 200kW, 240kw and 340kw. In addition, the vehicle will also support remote updates and different levels of automatic driving assistance. In addition, Foxconn said that Tesla is the iPhone in electric vehicles, and they hope to become Android in electric vehicles.