Four noncommissioned officers of a frontier brigade of the army who “survive the fittest” are incompetent and retired in the whole process

On December 13, a frontier brigade of the army in the Southern War Zone of Kunming set up a clear guidance of survival of the fittest. According to the annual evaluation results, the Party committee and branch of the management company studied and applied. After the examination and approval of the brigade Party committee and the Discipline Inspection Commission, four incompetent sergeants were recently given full retirement treatment. < / P > < p > the Party committee of the brigade believes that strict military management is the yardstick of combat effectiveness building. In order to select and employ people for the war, we must resolutely clean up and rectify the “individuals” who “neither violate discipline nor do anything” and who have a bad style of work. < / P > < p > there are “punishing the inferior” and “rewarding the superior”. Not long ago, the brigade publicized the annual Meritorious Service Commendation personnel. One Sergeant played a significant role, made outstanding contributions in the exercise tasks, and planned to record second-class meritorious service; two sergeants had excellent military quality, completed the task well, and planned to record third-class meritorious service. “The clearer the guidance is, the better the construction of the sergeant team will be promoted.” Liu can, political commissar of the brigade, said.