Fortunately for the students, 97 year old Academician Li Jieshou taught in person!

At 15:00 p.m. on November 20, Academician Li Jieshou of Chinese Academy of Engineering came to the Institute of general surgery of the whole army 15 minutes in advance to bring a wonderful lesson “on the cultivation of medical postgraduates” to all postgraduates, tutors and instructors of the Department. < p > < p > Academician Li Jieshou, who is 97 years old, still cares about the hospital after his retirement, and his teaching has become the “online Red lesson” of the hospital. On that day, the study room was full. Academician Li Jieshou carefully prepared the courseware, combined with his profound knowledge and rich experience, to teach young students how to behave, do things and study, guide their life path and help them grow better. The students also expressed their gratitude and respect with warm applause. < / P > < p > when introducing the origin and development of the hospital’s doctoral program, Academician Li Jieshou said, “the growth of postgraduates is closely related to personal growth, Department progress, hospital development, and national medical and health services. The cultivation of postgraduates should pay attention to the correct direction and scientific methods, and the most important thing is to improve the quality of postgraduates It is to enable students to have the ability to discover and solve problems; graduate tutors should be strict with themselves, be models for others, and have the spirit of advocating science. ” Academician Li Jieshou also encouraged all graduate students to “do a good job in research, cultivate their ability and pursue the cause they love.” < p > < p > it is Academician Li Jieshou’s unremitting pursuit to regard the quality of education as his life and cultivate first-class medical talents with excellent skills. Since 1988, Academician Li Jieshou has not only offered two courses of “Introduction to surgery” and “surgery” for students, but also insisted on teaching without interruption. In order to enable students to receive the most advanced medical knowledge, Academician Li Jieshou will consult various materials before each class, personally modify the lecture notes and courseware, and integrate the latest medical concepts and technologies into the teaching. After his retirement, Academician Li Jieshou will come to the Department to lead the students to make ward rounds and teach them. At the end of the course, Academician Li Jieshou did not stop. He came to the “abdominal war trauma and infection experiment of the General Surgery Research Institute of the whole army” for on-site guidance. Seeing the achievements made by the laboratory in postgraduate training, he was very pleased, “only cultivating first-class teachers can cultivate first-class talents.” < / P > < p > “every time I listen to Mr. Li’s teaching, it’s a process of learning, a process of receiving education, and a happy thing.” After listening to the lecture given by Academician Li Jieshou, the graduate students said with emotion: “this kind of spirit of being old and strong, being old and strong, makes people respect. Like academicians, we should take the sufferings of the patients in mind and serve them wholeheartedly. ”