Former U.S. President Carter: US China contacts bring peace and prosperity to both countries and the world

Washington, Aug. 6 former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said the engagement policy between the United States and China has enabled the two countries and the world to enjoy unprecedented peace and prosperity. Despite differences, the two countries can still cooperate in many fields. < p > < p > the Carter Center of the United States and the Chinese people’s Association for friendship with foreign countries jointly held a Sino US dialogue on video dialogue on the 6th, expressing the belief that the dialogue will find out what differences the United States and China must overcome and improve bilateral relations. In his letter, Carter mentioned that he and his decision to establish diplomatic relations between the two countries at the end of 1978 and pointed out that the contact between the United States and China has brought unprecedented peace and prosperity to the two countries, the Asia Pacific region and the whole world. Carter also said that the two countries can cooperate on issues such as climate change, nuclear non-proliferation and crackdown, and stressed that the top priority is to fight the new epidemic and restore the economy.