Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir founded a new political party

China News Agency Kuala Lumpur August 7 Mahathir, 95, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, announced the creation of a new political party on the 7th. He announced the decision after losing the lawsuit on the same day and confirming that he could not return to the indigenous United Party. At the meeting held in the afternoon of the same day, Mahathir disclosed that this party will be based on the Malay ethnic group, and the new party will not join the two major political parties alliance, the National League and the hope alliance, which are separated from the government and the opposition. It was also revealed at the meeting that Mahathir would personally be the party’s chairman and his son mukritz would be the party’s president. Mahathir and his son are currently members of the lower house of the Malaysian Parliament. On May 28 this year, Mahathir and many of his supporters were revoked by the indigenous League party. The Malaysian High Court ruled on July 7, accepting the request of the chairman and current Prime Minister of the indigenous Unity Party, muhidin, to terminate the lawsuit of Mahathir and others to restore the membership and position of the indigenous Unity Party. This means that Mahathir is sure to lose his membership in the indigenous Unity Party he founded.