Former Malaysian finance minister Lin Guanying charged with bribery

Lin Guanying, former Malaysian finance minister and former chief minister of Penang state, who was arrested by Malaysia’s Anti Corruption Commission on the evening of August 7, was taken to court by the Anti Corruption Commission on August 7. On the same day, the Anti Corruption Commission accused Lin Guanying of taking bribes in 2011 to help enterprises to undertake the construction of Penang Cross Harbour Tunnel project. Lin denied the charges. The judge then ordered him to bail in ringgit 1 million. < p > < p > the Penang undersea tunnel project is an integral part of Penang transportation blueprint proposed by Lin Guanying after he became chief minister of Penang in 2008. The project plans to construct three highway projects and an undersea tunnel with an estimated total cost of rm6.3 billion. However, the project has not yet started.