Foreign ministers of Uzbekistan and Turkey: strengthening international cooperation and promoting the peace process in Afghanistan

China News Agency, Nursultan, August 13 comprehensive news: the foreign ministers of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan said on different occasions on the 12th that they will strengthen multilateral international cooperation, promote the peace process and promote the economic development of Afghanistan. According to Interfax news agency, the Information Department of Uzbekistan’s foreign ministry told the media on the 12th that Uzbekistan’s foreign minister kamilov had a video call with Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Qureshi on the same day to jointly promote the peace process in Afghanistan. The two sides said they would jointly strengthen cooperation with Afghanistan in the fields of energy, transportation and transportation to promote the implementation of multilateral projects. < p > < p > according to the news released on the website of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Turkmenistan, Turkish Vice Premier and foreign minister meledov held a video meeting with acting president of the Central Bank of Afghanistan ahmedi on the 12th. The two sides said they will promote the regional project process and integrate Afghanistan into the international and regional economic system as soon as possible. < p > < p > Meredov also pointed out that the construction of natural gas pipelines connecting Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, the construction of power transmission lines between Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the implementation of other multilateral projects will promote the development of the whole region, including Afghanistan, and the solution of social and economic problems as well as the guarantee of peace and security of regional countries. In addition, these projects will promote the development of employment and infrastructure construction in the fields of energy, transportation, transportation and logistics.