Foreign media’s “number” theory of us general election

According to Agence France Presse, Washington, November 1, 2020, the U.S. general election set a number of records – including the number of early voters and advertising spending. Here are some figures about the election: < / P > < p > Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, Iowa and Ohio played a key role in Trump’s victory in 2016. This year Biden is likely to break Republican electoral dominance in Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina and Texas, according to opinion polls. In addition to electing the president, American voters will also elect members of the 117th Congress. The 35 seats in the Senate and all 435 seats in the house of representatives will be re elected. Instead of voting directly for their presidential candidate, Americans vote for 538 voters, who then elect the president. To be in the White House, presidential candidates have to get an absolute majority of electoral votes, so 270 is a magic number. Up to now, the number of people voting in advance has exceeded that in previous years. Many voters prefer to fill in their ballots in advance, so as not to wait in a long line to vote on election day when the new crown epidemic is rampant. < / P > < p > according to a study, the campaign for the 2020 election has broken the previous record, with presidential candidates spending $6.6 billion, which is $2 billion more than trump and Hillary Clinton four years ago.