Foreign media: US military’s “Armageddon” aircraft changes cause speculation

US military website disclosed that the US Strategic Command took off at least two navy e-6b “Mercury” aircraft on the morning of the 2nd, that is, the aircraft used to achieve air control of nuclear arsenals. It was purely a “coincidence”, not a reaction to the fact that Trump’s new crown test was positive. “With regard to reports that e-6b aircraft are on alert, strategic command has confirmed that these e-6b operations are part of a pre planned mission,” Pentagon chief spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said in a statement. They coincide with the announcement that Trump’s new crown test was positive. ” According to a report on the website of the Asia Times of Hong Kong on October 5, Jonathan Hoffman added: “the alert level of the Ministry of defense has not changed and is ready to defend the country and its interests. Our national command and control structure has not been affected in any way. ” According to media sources, the U.S. Navy has 16 mercury aircraft. Usually one of these aircraft will stay in the sky, and it is not uncommon for two of them to appear in the air at the same time. The U.S. military website reported that, unlike the Boeing E-4B “night watcher”, the e-6b aircraft is used as an airborne communication relay platform between the national command of the Ministry of defense and the US nuclear submarines, bombers and missile forces. The E-4B is often referred to as the “doomsday” aircraft because of its nuclear command and control mission. Experts say the e-6b, an “Armageddon” aircraft, is capable of issuing orders to kill everyone on earth if the first nuclear strike is carried out against the United States. It can also communicate with U.S. missile submarines underwater, even though Washington no longer exists. < p > < p > a few minutes before President trump tweeted that he and first lady Melania trump were both positive for their new crowns, an amateur aircraft observer noticed that two e-6bs appeared on the East and west coasts at the same time. In recent months, other aircraft observers have also observed an increase in the number of sorties of the air command post, sometimes in a continuous manner. US military website reported that experts on twitter also specifically pointed out that the US strategic command will hold such exercises regularly. The e-6b aircraft, based on the Boeing 707, is actually designed to receive military orders from the president and the Secretary of defense, and then transmit those orders to the communication relay stations of the U.S. ballistic missile submarine, according to the website of wired. They are also able to remotely control the Minuteman ICBM through a platform called the airborne launch control system, the report said. The idea is to use the e-6b aircraft as a backup means in case the ground communication system is damaged. The report of < / P > < p > indicates that this kind of aircraft has some remarkable performance. One of the most important performances is their VLF communication platform, which is used to communicate with submarine ballistic missile nuclear submarines. Other military aircraft also have very low frequency communication capability, but this capability is particularly important for the mission of e-6b aircraft. “These planes are ready to take off at any time,” said Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asian nuclear nonproliferation program at the Monterey delbury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. I’m sure I can’t come to any conclusion from this situation. ” “Trump’s illness is not the cause of this,” he said. This is how things have always been, and if you don’t like it, maybe you need to talk about it. ”