Foreign media: Russia deploys s S-300 system to disputed islands with Japan

Moscow (Reuters) – Russia’s defense ministry’s Red Star TV station said the mobile air defense system, which is used to counter ballistic missiles and air attacks, is deployed on the island of seicho. The island is one of four disputed islands controlled by Russia and claimed by Japan as Northern Territory. Red Star TV said: “the short-range air defense missile system has been put into use in the Sakhalin area. Today, the air defense “heavy artillery” has also arrived, that is, the large air defense system s-300v4. ” It is reported that the Soviet Union occupied these islands at the end of World War II and called them the South Kuril Islands. Since then, territorial disputes over the islands have hindered the signing of formal peace treaties and strained relations between the two countries for years. The report points out that Japan is very sensitive to Russia’s military actions on this important strategic island chain extending from Japan’s Hokkaido to Kamchatka in Russia’s Far East. < / P > < p > Russia said in October that it planned to deploy the missile system on these islands for the first time, but the move would be part of military exercises, not for combat missions. The deployment came shortly after Shinzo Abe, Japan’s former prime minister, announced his resignation in August. Abe has worked hard to resolve the dispute and to win the support of Russian President Vladimir Putin.