Foreign media revealed that Iran plans to purchase four S400 air defense systems and is currently negotiating with Russia

[global network reporter Xu Luming] according to the “defense world” website on August 24, Iran is trying to purchase S-400 air defense missile system and “armor” missile gun integrated air defense system from Russia, and the two sides are currently in negotiations. In addition to purchasing 40 sets of “Doyle” m2 and “armor” air defense systems, Iran is also seeking to purchase four S-400 air defense missile systems, according to a report on the “army-2020” international military technology forum held by Russia. According to a report by the Russian satellite news agency on August 24, Iran’s Defense Minister Amir Khatami said that Tehran hopes to reach a new agreement on military and technical cooperation with Russia under the circumstances of lifting relevant restrictions. “After the end of the sanctions, in view of our deep relations with Russia, we need new agreements and new documents, our exchanges will be more sincere, and obviously we will talk about new possibilities,” Khatami said in the “Russia 24” TV program At present, the arms sales agreements of other countries to Iran are still restricted by the arms embargo measures against Iran. In July 2015, Iran and the six countries on the Iranian nuclear issue reached a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue and signed the United Nations comprehensive action plan. According to the agreement, Iran promised to limit its nuclear program and enjoy the right to peaceful use of nuclear energy, and the international community lifted the sanctions against Iran. The security council then adopted resolution 2231, endorsing the Iran nuclear agreement and stipulating that the UN arms embargo against Iran will be terminated on October 18 this year. The United States has been strongly opposed to lifting the arms embargo on Iran. “If the UN arms embargo on Iran expires on October 18, Iran will be able to buy new fighters like Russia’s Su-30 and China’s J-10,” US Secretary of state pompeio said on social media in June. With these fighters, both Europe and Asia could be targets for Iran. America will never let that happen. ” On August 20 local time, U.S. Secretary of state pompeio wrote a letter to the rotating president of the UN Security Council this month, formally requesting the “rapid recovery of sanctions” mechanism stipulated in Security Council resolution 2231, and declared that the Security Council would resume all previous sanctions against Iraq within 30 days. Reuters reported that the move further isolated the United States and 13 of the 15 UN Security Council members objected.