Foreign media: New York State issues new regulations on epidemic isolation

New York (Reuters) – New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Saturday that most passengers arriving in New York must be quarantined for at least three full days from November 4, and be tested for new coronavirus. Only when the test results are negative can the isolation be terminated. In addition, passengers will also be required to provide a negative test for new coronavirus within three days prior to their arrival in New York. Komo told reporters that the rule does not apply to “neighboring” states, and there are different requirements for residents who leave New York less than 24 hours. Residents returning to New York within 24 hours of leaving need not be quarantined, but must be tested for new coronavirus within four days. However, Como’s office later corrected that the test should not be carried out four days before returning to state. If residents of New York spend more than 24 hours in non neighboring states or leave the country, they will also be subject to the new rules. For example, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are adjacent states, and many New York City commuters live in these states. But it is not clear whether the new rules will apply to neighboring Vermont and Massachusetts. According to the report, New York state previously stipulated that passengers from deteriorating States must be isolated at home or hotel for 14 days, regardless of the test results. New York now has one of the lowest positive rates for new coronavirus testing in the United States.