Foreign media: leaders of Japan, South Korea and Australia have a phone call with Biden

Reuters Seoul / Tokyo / us Wilmington said in November 12 reports that the three key Asian allies, Japanese Prime Minister Kan Yi Wai, South Korean President moon Jae in Tokyo and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, joined other global leaders in recognition of the challenge of the defeated candidate in the November 3rd presidential election. In the past few years, relations between Asian allies and Trump’s U.S. have sometimes been disrupted by trade, defense and environmental issues, according to the report. Biden’s office said all parties expressed their determination to strengthen bilateral relations with the United States to address global issues such as the new outbreak pandemic and climate change. Kan said he had a phone call with Biden confirming the importance of the bilateral relationship. “President elect Biden said he hopes to strengthen the U.S. – Japan alliance and work together to achieve a free and open India and Thailand,” kan told reporters in the prime minister’s office Moon Jae in moon Jae in

, a spokesman for the South Korean President, said Biden reiterated his commitment to the United States to defend Korea by stressing his resistance to the war.

, the spokesman said at a press conference: “moon Jae in the hope of strengthening the cooperation between the two sides in the forward-looking development of the alliance and denuclearization and peace on the Korean Peninsula. President elect Biden said he will work closely with South Korea to resolve the North Korean nuclear issue. ”

forenoon, according to Seoul, Yonhap reported on November 12th, Chong Wa Dae spokesman Jiang Minshuo said 12 days ago that President Wen had made a 14 minute call with President elect Biden in the moon Jae in the morning, and the two sides agreed to strengthen cooperation and communication to solve the Korean nuclear issue.

moon Jae in the phone said that the South Korean side will have close communication with the US side, thereby developing the future Korean US alliance, and achieving the denuclearization and permanent peace on the peninsula. Biden said that he would work closely with South Korea to solve the North Korean nuclear issue. Biden said that South Korea is the “key” to the security and prosperity of the India Pacific region, and the US side will continue to earnestly fulfill its defense commitments to the ROK. It is expected that South Korea and the United States will cooperate closely in coping with the new epidemic situation, health and safety, world economic recovery, climate change, democracy and peace and prosperity in India and the Pacific region in the future.