Foreign media focus on “explosive growth” of European epidemic: hope of economic recovery is shattered

France Presse reported that England and Greece have closed their cities again recently, while Italy and Cyprus have imposed curfews. The World Health Organization is concerned about the “explosive growth” of cases in Europe and the economic collapse of the region. Europe is the epicenter of the global epidemic in recent weeks, with the fastest spread of the epidemic in the region. According to AFP statistics, more than 11.6 million cases were confirmed in Europe on Thursday, half of which were from Russia, France, Spain and the United Kingdom, with a cumulative death rate of nearly 294000. Hans Krueger, who’s Regional Director for Europe, stressed: “we see explosive growth, which has added 1 million cases to Europe in just a few days. And we’re seeing the death toll rise. ” He was convinced that novel coronavirus pneumonia was wrong. He urged schools to continue to “last until the end, because we can not tolerate the generation of new generation of pneumonia.” However, cluge also believed that “maintaining the status quo is not an option”, and he called for “reasonable and targeted measures”. The second wave of the new outbreak “eliminates our hope for a rapid recovery,” vice president of the European Commission, Valdez donbrovskis, said on Thursday. GDP in the euro zone is expected to decrease by 7.8% in 2020, and the ratio of public debt to GDP will exceed 100%. The UN announced on Thursday that a special summit will be held in New York from December 3 to 4 to strengthen international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic.