Foreign media: Asia and Arab countries point to each other for breaking the cease fire in Naka

Foreign media said that on the 12th, Armenian and Azerbaijani accused each other of violating the peace agreement, which ended six weeks of fierce fighting around Nagorny Karabakh. Azerbaijani leaders threatened to destroy Armenian army with “iron fist”. The new conflict marks the first major breach of Russia’s November 10 peace agreement, according to the associated press’s Yerevan report on December 12. According to the agreement, Azerbaijan will resume control of the Naka region and surrounding large areas of land controlled by the Armenian army for more than a quarter of a century. < / P > < p > the Russian peacekeeping force, which was sent to the Naka region to monitor the implementation of the peace agreement, reported in the November daily that there were violations of the cease-fire agreement in the gadrut region. The report released by Russia’s defense ministry on the 12th did not criticize this. < p > < p > Azerbaijani president Aliyev responded on the same day, accusing Armenia of creating new conflicts and threatening to “break its head with an iron fist”. During a meeting with senior U.S. and French diplomats trying to mediate the decades old conflict, Aliyev said: “Armenians should not try to provoke another conflict.” “They have to be very careful not to attempt any military action,” he said. This time, we will destroy them completely. It should not be a secret to anyone. ” < / P > < p > Armenian officials said the fighting took place near the villages of hintag and khchaberd, the only two settlements in gadrut that are still controlled by the Armenian army. They pointed out that the two villages were completely surrounded by the Azerbaijani army and that the Azerbaijani army controlled the roads leading to the two villages. < / P > < p > it is reported that the Naka region is located in the territory of Azerbaijan, but has been under the control of Armenian supported Armenians since the end of the separatist war in 1994. The war brought large areas of land in and around Naka into the hands of Armenians. It is reported that since the end of September, more than 5600 people on both sides have been killed in 44 days of fighting. The Azerbaijani army has gone deep into the Naka region and recovered a large area of surrounding land, forcing Armenians to accept last month’s peace agreement. Russia has deployed nearly 2000 peacekeepers on the ground. The peacekeeping mission will last for at least five years to supervise the implementation of the peace agreement and facilitate the return of refugees. More than 3000 soldiers, dozens of military vehicles and fighters were inspected at the military parade held in Azerbaijan on the 10th to celebrate the victory, attended by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The report pointed out that the peace agreement shocked Armenians. Protests broke out in the country, demanding that Prime Minister pasinian step down, but pasinian refused to resign. He said the peace agreement was a painful but necessary step to prevent Azerbaijan from taking over all of Naka. According to the Afp report in Moscow on December 12, the Russian army reported a violation of the Naka cease-fire agreement on December 12, which ended the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the Naka region. < / P > < p > a statement from Russia’s Ministry of Defense said: “a violation of the cease-fire agreement was reported in the gadrut area on December 11.” The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense said its army had taken “sufficient counter measures” against the “provocative acts” of the other party, but said the cease-fire agreement “has been observed so far.”.