Foreign media: Asia and Afghanistan speak their own words and the US mediates the Naka conflict without success

U.S. Secretary of state pompeio urged an end to the Nagorny Karabakh conflict when meeting separately with Armenian and Azerbaijani foreign ministers on October 23, but there was no sign of any progress in his efforts. According to AFP, Washington, October 23, pompeio held meetings with Azerbaijani foreign minister bairamov and Armenian foreign minister mnachakanyan respectively in Washington, but there was no tripartite meeting. The State Department said pompeio reiterated the U.S. position that the conflict should be resolved without the use or threat of force, the preservation of territorial integrity, and the equality and self-determination of peoples. According to the report, two cease-fire efforts have failed in the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenian for nearly a month, and the Azerbaijani army has achieved results on the ground. Bairamov said he told pompeio that “Armenian occupation of the Naka region must end.”. The area is controlled by forces supported by Armenian forces. “We are committed to finding a political solution to the conflict and are ready to resume substantive talks immediately,” bairamov said in a statement after the talks Speaking at an online event hosted by the Atlantic Council, mnachakanyan said: “the security of our fellow citizens cannot be threatened. We will never allow another ethnic cleansing in this area. ” According to the report, the United States has said it will remain neutral, but pompeio criticized Turkey. He also said in a recent interview that the Armenian operation was defensive. Mr. sulemanov, Azerbaijani ambassador to the United States, said that pompeio “either said something wrong or was misunderstood.”. He said in the talks that the United States is fair. The United States, Russia and France are co chairs of the so-called Minsk group on Naka. Russia has always been at the forefront of diplomacy between the two former Soviet republics. According to the report, the United States has a large number of politically active Armenian residents, but also has strategic relations with Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is one of the few countries with a strong Muslim majority with strong ties to Israel. According to the Tass news agency, Washington, October 23, the Armenian foreign minister mnachakanyan said that the talks held in Washington on mediating the Naka conflict were fruitful. “We have had a very fruitful meeting, and we will continue to cooperate to achieve a very specific and important goal, that is, to achieve a cease-fire and return to the peaceful mediation program,” he said on the 23rd “In our talks with U.S. Secretary of state pompeio and his colleagues, we studied ways to achieve and immediately achieve a cease-fire and return to a peaceful mediation program,” he said. In terms of reaching a unified position among France, Russia and the United States, the efforts of the United States are crucial. ” According to mnachakanyan, Armenian also supports the idea of deploying peacekeeping forces in the Naka region and believes that such measures can promote a cease-fire and consolidate this mechanism. The possibility of sending peacekeepers to the region is being studied. In his view, this is one of the most important ways to solve the Naka conflict. “Peacekeeping is a crucial issue in all our discussions and all the means we have in the past and now,” he said In addition, according to the associated press report on October 24, the residential areas in Naka were attacked by rockets and artillery fire on October 24. Just a few hours ago, the United States had just received the highest level diplomats from Armenian and Azerbaijani countries to discuss the settlement of the decades long dispute between the two countries over the Naka region.